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Michael & I

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Me and my daddy's
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Both Daniel and I are impatient

I spoke to Daddy Daniel last night. He was prepare a lunch spread for his class mates today. Made me hungry. Daniel told me the egg donor got her blood work done. We both agreed quarantine the sprem is unnecessary. Since they have a test that can ck the sperm for anything and everything. Daniel wants to speak to fertility Doc with Brent. Daniel doesn't want to wait any longer. I'm with him. Patients is something Daniel & I have very little. LOL
I told Daniel about all the blogs I am following. He thinks it geat. I like knowing that other wonderful women before me. Have gone through everything I am going through. It's very comforting. Other then that. I continue to take my prenatal vitiams. No cafine or alcohol. I do allow myself a chocolate treat once a week.  No one told me to do these things. I feel better knowing I am preparing a pure place for thier baby or babies to grow in me. For now I sit and wait.....

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Hi Renee, the lunch was a successful fortunately for my lol.

Hopefully we won't wait too much. If the problem was with the egg donor and that is solved we are going to talk with the clinic to move forward because we don't have any reason to wait.

I'll talk to Brent later to know if he spoke whit them and what's going on.