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Michael & I

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Me and my daddy's
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Nick name for the little bun in my oven.

Today I was browsing Tiffany&Co online. What else would I be looking at.. Anyway, I found my new addition to my collect. It's a pink cup cake charm and silver necklace. Even through I am carry a little boy in me. My first craving was a cup cake. So from now on. This little boy in me will be lovely called Cup cake. Until his father's come up with his legal name. So my little cup cake and I are still resting most of the day and night. I made our first obgyn appointment on June 1st. With this visit I will be able to hear little cup cake heart beating. I am planning on recording it on my cell phone. So I can share it with cup cakes Daddy's.
Tonight I am making strawberry jello for dessert. Oops I forgot the whipping cream.  I have been having a few pregnant brain fates lately.
I am enjoying being pregnant. Thank you Brent & Daniel

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