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Michael & I

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Me and my daddy's
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yes, you read it right. Last Monday I went into my Dr. office. While having my U/S done The Dr. informs me. Due to my cervix being pushed back and to the left. By two fibroids. I will be starting to have contractions through out the remainder of my pregnancy. But not to worry my Dr said. Because those two lovely fibroids won't allow my cervix to thin out and shrink. As my pregnancy continues to progress my contractions will get stronger. And they will also hurt more. It's nice to know I have something this fun to look foreword too. LOL
Ah, on a good note. If I have someone else hide avocado in say a burrito. I can eat it and enjoy it. Lucas is none the wiser. Speaking of Lucas. I have been feeling more kicking from him recently.
My energy level is every other day now. I feel like a beach whale. I was weighed today and I gained a half a pound. Since three weeks ago.  My appetite comes and goes.  I went to Ikea the other day. They just baked a patch of those yummy cinnamon rolls. I couldn't resist. I bought one. I took two bites of that yummy roll. And drove straight to Michael's office. I walked right in and handed him the cinnamon roll. I made him eat it.  I knew if that roll came home with me. I would have eat the whole thing. O'course Michael happily finished off the cinnamon roll. He was taking for the team. He is such a team player.  Well, that all for now....

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