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Michael & I

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Me and my daddy's
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lucas found a new play toy in me

Last night Lucas found my lower fibroid. He was having a great time kicking away at it. Not so much fun for me. But he was enjoying himself.
Back at the home front. Daniel is in Cuba visiting his family. Brent is at home purchasing Lucas crib, changing table. Having a wonderful time doing it. It think it's so cute reading the emails from Brent and Daniel. They are getting so excited about Lucas arrival.
I am looking foreword to the day. I can enjoy a cosmo again.  In the mean time. I am favoring my water with lime, lemons or anything else I can find. Since that's all I can basically drink. That doesn't have any form of caffeine or sugar.  I am still taking my afternoon naps when I can. I feel like I need to take big deep breaths every now and then. Tomorrow is my OB appointment. I'll post again.. From Lucas bouncy house.....

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