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Michael & I

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Me and my daddy's
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

16 day post delivery

Sorry it has taken me so long to post about the delivery. But at the time I felt like. When I posted here it was the end of my journey. So I thought. Well, I am still pumping my breast milk for Lucas and Fed Ex it to him once a week. I have lost a total of 33 pounds as of yesterday. I spend most of my day pumping. I am pumping every three hours. From the time I get up till the time a go to sleep. Brent & Daniel bought me a medela pump in style advanced breast pump. It also has a battery pack. So I can pump on the go. When Michael & I are out for more then three hours. I will pump while Michael drives. I try to work my little errands around pumping. But for the most part. I tend to stay home. I am still sore from my c-section. I don't do a whole lot of walking yet. My OB Dr. told me I still needed to take it easy and rest. I am not able to even do house work yet. My weight lose is from me pumping. It's amazing on how much weight you can lose. From just pumping. I have 23.5 pounds to go to hit my pre-Ivf weight.  Big thanks to Brent and Daniel for allowing me to give Lucas my breast milk. It's pretty costly shipping it out to them. But Lucas is really benefiting from the breast milk. Lucas is now 6 pounds and he has a big belly. He looks so cute.
In order to keep up my milk supply. I watch videos of Lucas crying and sucking on his pacifier.

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