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Michael & I

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Me and my daddy's
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

16 day post delivery

Sorry it has taken me so long to post about the delivery. But at the time I felt like. When I posted here it was the end of my journey. So I thought. Well, I am still pumping my breast milk for Lucas and Fed Ex it to him once a week. I have lost a total of 33 pounds as of yesterday. I spend most of my day pumping. I am pumping every three hours. From the time I get up till the time a go to sleep. Brent & Daniel bought me a medela pump in style advanced breast pump. It also has a battery pack. So I can pump on the go. When Michael & I are out for more then three hours. I will pump while Michael drives. I try to work my little errands around pumping. But for the most part. I tend to stay home. I am still sore from my c-section. I don't do a whole lot of walking yet. My OB Dr. told me I still needed to take it easy and rest. I am not able to even do house work yet. My weight lose is from me pumping. It's amazing on how much weight you can lose. From just pumping. I have 23.5 pounds to go to hit my pre-Ivf weight.  Big thanks to Brent and Daniel for allowing me to give Lucas my breast milk. It's pretty costly shipping it out to them. But Lucas is really benefiting from the breast milk. Lucas is now 6 pounds and he has a big belly. He looks so cute.
In order to keep up my milk supply. I watch videos of Lucas crying and sucking on his pacifier.

Lucas story

Lucas was born 12/9/2010 @ 8:30 pm. After Lucas was born. Michael said to me. Look can you believe Lucas was inside of you. It seemed so unreal. Then I realized. I didn't have any motherly insists towards Lucas. Don't get me wrong. I mean Lucas not my baby. But I did realize that for the next 24 hours. I was in charge of Lucas. Till Lucas Daddy's arrived.

At about 11:30 pm Thursday night. Nic-unit Ped Dr. came into my room. Lucas had several episodes of sleep apnea. Plus they were also concerned with fluid in Lucas lungs. So they moved Lucas from the bay nursery to nic-unit. The Dr. put Lucas on a c-pap machine to help him breath while he is sleeping.

I immediately called my Mom. I decided to wait till my IF's arrived at the hospital the next morning. I had the Ped. Dr. talk to Lucas Dads. My big worry for them. They were flying into San Fransisco. Then driving two hours to Sacramento. The next morning. I called RP and spoke to our coordinator. I informed her of the last 24 hours. She agreed about waiting till B & D arrived at the hospital.

Then my nurse came in and got me up. She took me into see Lucas. He was puffy. But they did remove the c-pap. He had on a nasal oxygen. When I spoke to Lucas. He opened his eyes and looked right at me.

Once B & D arrived by 2pm. The Ped Dr. meet with them in my room. Then took them to meet their son. They both broke down when they saw him.

I on the other have started pumping my breast milk. My milk didn't come in till Saturday morning. I've been pumping about every 2-3 hours.

D & B bought me a medela breast pump. When I get released from the hospital today. I am going to continue pumping. Till B & D take Lucas home.

Lucas will remain in the nicu unit. Lucas is breathing on his own now. He needs to eat 45ml of bottle milk per feeding. Before he can be released.

I have lost 10 pounds since giving birth last Thursday night.

My hormones kicked in last night. As I was watching Brothers and Sister on ABC. I know its natural. I am going back to college to get my AA in Business Administration. So now I have something to focas on.

Surprise Lucas came early.

It all started Sunday Dec 5th. I was having back labor. So M/T took me to the hospital. I was 2cm and 30% efface. I was given a muscle relaxer and sent home.

Monday I had my usual stress test and that went fine. On Thursday, that's when the fun really started happening. I was starting to make lunch for Michael and I. I got a sharp pain in my lower back with a contraction. I breathed through it. Finished lunch and sat down. Then Michael got home for lunch. I told him what just happened. He said I bet your going to be put in the hospital today. I told him to bite his tongue. I have too much stuff to do that day. We eat and I went to lay down till my 3pm OB & stress test appointment. My 19 yr old son was home that day. So I had him drive me to my Dr. Appointment. During my stress tests I had a couple of contractions. Then the nurse asked me if I wanted like to be ck. I said sure. I have a lot stuff to get done this weekend. I was planning on dressing like Santa Claus for the Gems Christmas party. Hate to let my jolly belly go to waste. LOL So I thought.

The Dr. came in and ck me. I was now 4cm and 100% efface. The Dr. and I went to the other side of the office to have an ultra sound done. TO ck to see if the baby is down. Now while this is all happening. I am telling the staff and Dr's. I can't delivery this baby. Lucas has 3.5 weeks to go. Plus I have things to do. Which I listed it out to them. They just all smiled and said you need to go to the hospital right now. I said OK. The front office staff said Good luck on my delivery. At witch point I was still in denial. I said I'll be out of the hospital in a couple hours. So my son drove while I was on the phone with my Michael. I told him to meet me at the hospital with my stuff. Including the belly casting kit. Then I text my Brent we need to talk. I let him know what was going on and I was going into the hospital to be monitored.

Once I got up to Labor & Delivery. My Dr. said we are going to deliver Lucas in about hour and half. I pleaded my case. To wait till tomorrow so my Brent and Daniel could fly in from N.Y. The Dr. told with my fibroids. Lucas would form his head around the fibroid trying to come out of the birth canal. Lucas would likely have a cone head or a watermelon head. I couldn't let that happen. I pleaded for the Dr. to allow me to do my belly casting. He said fine but make it quick. THEN MY Dr. called Brent & Daniel. Told them the situation.

Half an hour later Micahel finally got to the hospital. We did the belly casting. While the surgical team waited for me to finish the belly casting. 8 pm I finally walked into surgery. I tried to talk the team into letting me text. While the procedure was happening. They all laughed and said NO. Hey, can't blame me for trying. LOL M/T was able to be in there with me and took lots of pics. He also video Lucas crying for the first time. Lucas was born 8:30pm Dec. 9, 2010.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

YIPPIE !!!!!!!!

Brent and Daniel will be here for my last OB ultra sound appointment. I am so happy.. They get to see Lucas a week before his birth day. The OB staff is looking foreword to meeting both of them. I think the real reality will set in at this appointment.
I am planning on packing my bag this evening. Since it's getting close. I am feeling cramping too. I still have 28 days of baking Lucas to go.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

35 weeks

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. I am visiting my OB twice a week for stress test. I am sched for my c-section to Jan 3rd of next year. OB told me that my uterus has grown. The big fibroid has moved to just under my belly button. That's great news for me.
The last two night about 11 pm . I start having stronger contractions for over an hour. I try to fall asleep. Eventually the contractions go away.  I am trying to rest sometime during the day.  I am./m craving beef big time. 
Today I received my belly casting kit. I am hoping Michael and I can get it done by next week. So Brent and Daniel will have it by Christmas.
I also decided I am going to start college after I deliver Lucas. I already started the process. Hopefully I will be able to start my classes Jan 18th. I am planning on getting my AA in Business. My Mom and Michael are really encouraging me on this journey. So I am planning on being a full time student.  This will keep me very busy.
So that's all for now......